Go Ahead And Shoot Me

Best piece of musicianship I’ve seen all week is Peter Stampfel banging the bow against the strings when he references “Turkey In the Straw” at this ancient gig. Be smart and go buy his discs at his MySpace clubhouse.

Who’s got a clip of Chadbourne doing “Tennessee Border”?

One response to “Go Ahead And Shoot Me

  1. Jim!

    How are you? This is your former Carroll Gardens downstairs neighbor. Just discovered your blog.

    Did I ever tell you about the cassette I bought from Eugene at one of his shows? Got home and it was blank. At first I felt ripped off, but then I thought to myself, that seems like something a man who plays a rake might do. Was it a surrealist act, or am I just rationalizing?

    Drop me a note at the above address and I’ll send you my “private” address. Dantes Pit is my “public” address, inspired by the seven rings of hell, which all spammers must pass through to get to me.

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