Playing A 12 String + FrisLoMo

Undercurrent was my pillow soundtrack last night, so I woke up with Jim Hall on my mind. Came across this clip with Barney Kessel while roving the range. Though it’s not really done alot, I kinda like it when two players of the same instrument connect for a duet. Guess I’m thinking of items like Buster Bee, Where Is Pannonica, and Music From Two Basses, etc. What’s your favorite double drummer disc?

There’s a Hall and Bill Frisell duet after the jump.

Bill starts his second week at the Vanguard with Lovano and Motian tonight. Here’s Joe explaining the fun they have. Here’s me with a blab. Here’s an NPR stream of a previous Vanguard show.

One response to “Playing A 12 String + FrisLoMo

  1. Not sure it’s a “fave,” but what sold me on Zorn’s Spy vs. Spy disc was the fact it had two drummers on it. I was young enough for that seem a novel idea.

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