Thank You Very Much, Mr. Monk

Stealing the Don Pullen song title to tip the hat to TSM, whose birthday is today. You know what he’s done for you. You walked different, talked different, and laughed different after being exposed to the great man’s canon, right? Me too. What’s your favorite Monk tune? Mine include “Light Blue,” “Nutty,” “We See,” “Crepuscule With Nellie,” and “Off Minor.” Solo clip of “Crepuscule” after the jump.

One response to “Thank You Very Much, Mr. Monk

  1. “Work”, “Evidence”, “Light Blue”, “Played Twice”, “Ruby My Dear”, “Shuffle Boil”, “Criss-Cross” (version with the 6-bar bridge ), “Gallup’s Gallop”, “Misterioso” — But if we can expand the definition of “tune” to his recreation of other people’s notations, then add his “I Should Care”, and “Just a Gigolo”.
    Great blog by the way, just discovered it. best, m

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