Run Silent, Run Deep: Hall’s Heroics

When Sonny strolled back from his perch above the East River, he wanted Jim Hall as his foil. Here’s a clip from an longer interview regarding his thoughts on the guitarist.

Describe some of your key partners from throughout the years. Jim Hall?

Jim was great, a wonderful accompanist. He had a great sense of space and time and – for sure – harmonic structure. It gave me what I needed at the time. He’s an exceptional musician. I learned from him.

Hall is back in action after some physical travails. He’s winding down a stint at Birdland. Here’s my recommendation. Here’s Nate Chinen’s review. I’d be there, but for some physical travails of my own – I’ve torn my Achilles tendon. Thanks to Bret Sjerven for sending me the healing sounds of Ra & Dickerson. Newk and Jim take a romp after the jump.

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