It’s A Good Day To Whistle “Latin Genetics”

Happy 80th to Ornette! WKCR is rolling through the Coleman canon today. Wish he’d perform and record a bit more often; tomorrow is the question. Just rolled through a couple transcriptions of my ancient interviews with him, and this quote leaped out. He’s speaking of his work in New York circa ’67.

“I don’t think people thought I knew how to read or write music because of the way I improvised, which got tagged as free jazz. I’m not against that title, but it doesn’t tell anyone anything because the word “free” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. “

Here’s an insightful Francis Davis essay on OC. And if you want to read a sweet synopsis of the bandleader’s initial impact, check the OC chapter of Fred Kaplan’s 1959: The Year Everything Changed. This is Michael Jarrett speaking with Ornette. Here he is chatting with Rhapsody.

I, Jukebox: My 15 Favorite Ornette pieces (today).

“Blues Connotation” – This Is Our Music

“Just For You” – The Art of the Improvisers

“Mob Job” – Song X

“Law Years” – Science Fiction

“Chippie” – Something Else!!!

“Air Ship” – Of Human Feelings

“European Echoes” – Live at the Golden Circle, Vol I

“Check Out Time” – Love Call

“Kathelin Gray” – Song X

“Monk And the Nun” – Twins

“Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” – Soapsuds, Soapsuds

“Feet Music” – In All Languages

“Chanting” – Virgin Beauty

“Macho Woman” – Body Meta

“T & T” – Ornette!

One response to “It’s A Good Day To Whistle “Latin Genetics”

  1. Jim: You got it, you got it, you got it!

    RI Rob

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