The Big Payback: 10 Great Tax Songs

Yeah, JB is talking revenge, but from coast to coast “The Payback” works as a mantra for this morning’s filing frenzy. Here’s a tax day playlist. Plug ’em into Rhapsody and sharpen that pencil.  Might want to start here, first.

Biggie Smalls, “Gimme The Loot”

Elvis Costello, “Pay It Back”

The Ethiopians, “Owe Me No Pay Me”

Dan Hicks, “Where’s The Money”

Fountains of Wayne, “Strapped For Cash”

Bloonz, “Tax Time”

The Offspring, “Pay The Man”

Hank Penny, “Taxes Taxes Taxes”

Radiohead, “Dollars & Sense”

Nas, “You Owe Me”

2 responses to “The Big Payback: 10 Great Tax Songs

  1. Hey, Jim: Good list — but you forgot Johnny Paycheck’s “Me and the I.R.S.”

  2. I don’t know karate, but I know cuh-razy! haha brilliant. and you know, he wasn’t exactly a young man up there busting out the full splits. hey Jim! hope you’re doing well!

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