10 Tiny Thoughts That Synapsed for a Sec During the Undead-a-Thon

Lots of sounds and images flashing by during the weekend. Think I’ll tweet-a-fy a few for expediency:

1. Has Tony Malaby been spending time with this baby right here?

2. Roswell Rudd sure knows how to bring that Adirondack charisma to the stage. “I’m making my coffee now!”

3. Steve Coleman‘s hang fly maneuvers have never given so much room to polyphony – thick sound as negative space.

4. Many humans want to be wherever Dave King is.

5. Tim Lefebvre has, like, four, six, maybe eight hands.

6. There’s lots of swing in Marc Cary‘s left hand, and lots of swing in his drummer’s foot.

7. Ari Hoenig deserves a special prize for wearing that Day of the Dead skull mask on such a hot night.

8. The shorter Big Bull ‘bonist knows how to get some house.

9. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays Andrew D’Angelo from the completion of his appointed rounds.

10. I miss Steve Lacy.

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