Guillermo’s Back In Town

Breaking my heart that I’m missing Guillermo Klein this week. His Domador de Heuellas (Sunnyside) is one of the more intriguing records to come along of late, dotted with the composer’s idiosyncratic vocals, and bolstered by the rhythmic turns that have marked his work for a decade now. This time he’s investigating music of Argentine songwriter  Cuchi Leguizamon.  In Klein’s hands, pithy material gets plump with improvisation, and his core octet follows the boss’s arrangements in a way that unfurls all sorts of episodes. Klein’s an expert at having a clipped motif develop into something meatier, and “Zamba Para La Viuda” and “Coplas Del Regreso” seem like folk tunes that have found ways to employ a panoply of horns. A Blog Supreme is in awe of the grooves that Klein concocts, and The Checkout spoke with him about his bandleading life. The Wall Street Journal profiled his Vanguard run with his band Base de Nave. Ben Ratliff synopsized his current position. A few year’s ago Reid Anderson got into Klein’s head for Do The Math.  The vids are of GK’s Los Guachos outfit.


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