176 Keys In Action

I visited Ahmad Jamal’s New England home about a year ago, and the two Steinways spooning together in his music room (a sizable space with a barn-like vibe) started me thinking of pianists who the maestro could invite over for a duet session. The dream candidates are many. Barry Harris, Kenny Barron, Anthony Davis, and why not Cecil himself (anyone got a copy of the dual interview I did with Taylor and Jamal back in the late 80s? I can’t find mine.) From Hank Jones hooking up with John Lewis, to Muhal Abrams and Amina Myers finding their way “Down the Street From The Gene Ammons Public School,” twin keyb dates are a hoot.

One of the more fascinating shows taking place this weekend is the Vijay Iyer/Craig Taborn confab at Columbia’s Miller Theater on Saturday night. It’s entitled “Radically Unfinished.” Iyer’s latest solo affair is place to absorb lots of smarts, and I witnessed Taborn romping through a jaw-dropping at Brooklyn’s iBeam a couple months ago. Their unity should be provocative. They were on WNYC’s “Soundcheck” yesterday. Here are the appetizers they offered.

One response to “176 Keys In Action

  1. Saw this show at Princeton when they debuted it early this year. Suffice to say, it’s a great show. Enjoy!

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