Allison & Company: Sundays At Kush

Bassist/composer Ben Allison has reinstituted his informal Sunday night trio sessions that were so much fun a decade or so ago. The ever-changing cast (two guitarists one week, no guitarists the next, etc) is culled from the impressive squad that populates the bandleader’s “real” ensembles, so a certain chemistry is built-in from the start. Tonight it’s violinist Jenny Scheinman and trumpeter Shane Endsley who coordinate their moves with the boss. Should be nice to hear them drum up some grooves in this percussion-free affair at Kush on the LES. 7:30 & 9 pm,  $10.


“Buzz,” Medicine Wheel (Palmetto)

“A Day In the Life of Man Ray,” Third Eye (Palmetto)

“Slap Happy,” Peace Pipe (Palmetto)

“Emergency,” Cowboy Justice (Palmetto)

“Peace Pipe,” Think Free (Palmetto)

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