Henry Threadgill: Through a Keyhole, Lightly

Been listening to the new Henry Threadgill box set on Mosaic, which in turn led me back to Air’s ancient “Through a Keyhole Darkly,” which in turn led me to the HenThread Sextett’s mid-80s “Silver and Gold Baby, Silver and Gold,” which in turn led me back to the present tense, and the saxophonist/composer’s addictive “It Never Moved,” from his latest disc, This Brings Us To, Volume II (Pi). The jittery pulses used by Zooid’s rhythm section (tuba, bass, guitar, drums) bolster the boss’s itchy horn lines at every turn. I’m hearing it as direct link back to Air’s “USO Dance,” from the late ’70s – one of the tunes that threw a snare around me vis a vis falling in love with jazz.  Zooid’s Roulette run ends Saturday (with a reprise of his recent “All The Way Light Touch”). Probably best to swing by and hear “It Never Moved” live tonight. See you there?

Here’s footage of Zooid’s last Roulette trip (please consider donating to Roulette to speed their trip to Brooklyn).

Hank Shteamer, who wrote the notes for the Mosaic overview, has a full-on HenThread interview in The Wire.

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