40 Jazzers Pick The Super Bowl Champs!

The jazz world has some dedicated football fans, no doubt. Christian McBride and Jeff Watts push their favorite teams with a fervor. Since the big battle for the NFL crown is taking place Sunday, I thought I’d take a quick straw poll re: this year’s Super Bowl champs. Some of improvisers I grabbed were for Green Bay, some were for Pittsburgh, and some still had their heads wrapped around their faves who didn’t make the final cut. Of course there were a few who shrugged the whole thing off or didn’t know much about it. Thanks to all who participated!

Jeff Lederer: I’m feeling the Packers on this one all the way – which will put me seriously at odds with Lightcap!

Dave Ballou: Hey J – gotta go with the Green Bay. Should be a great game!

Orrin Evans: Due to the fact that my soul mate was born and bread in Pittsburgh….I HAVE TO GO STEELER TOWN!!

Lenny Pickett: Go Raiders…

Gerald Cleaver: GBP 🙂 why not?

Gary Lucas: GREEN BAY!!

Darcy James Argue: Oh, there’s some sort of football game this weekend, is there? Get back to me around Stanley Cup time. [grin]

Jeremy Udden: Well, I’m still recovering from the Pats losing, so I’m not too emotionally involved. I’d have to say Pittsburgh.

Ben Allison: I’m a Jets fan.  Not a mega fan. But so many of the most excited games I’ve seen have been Jets games. So……… Go Packs.

Tim Berne: Gbay.

Joe Fiedler: That’s an easy one. Growing up in Pittsburgh in the ’70’s…Steelers all the way.

Eric Reed: Uh…what is a Super Bowl?  ;-D

Harris Eisenstadt: Gotta say, morally questionable though he may be, I think Roethlisberger’s gonna get em through.

Fred Hersch: Other than my home-town Bengals, I don’t know shit about football.  And my brother is the Assistant Managing Editor at Sports Illustrated…go figure…

Tim Lefebvre: I think I  like Pittsburgh…Tain will like me for that. Have a good one!

Joe Morris: I like Green Bay. Pitt will make it tough, though.

Noah Preminger: Steelers baby!!!!

James Carney: I’m an AFC guy, so I’ll go with Pittsburgh by 7.

Marc Copland: Jets, man………they had the best of Pittsburgh in the 2nd half, just ran out of time. If Shawn Greene runs that 4th and goal instead of LT,they score and the game goes to overtime and the Jets are in the Super Bowl, no question. At least these are the conclusions I came to after watching the espn highlights (8 minutes’ worth) in Sicily. Or am I just being a sore loser?

Matt Wilson: Green Bay. Midwest support bro!Would have been ideal for da bears though!

Jon Irabagon: Ha, I don’t like either team!  So I’m gonna go with the Cubs.  It’s time they win one!!

Chris Lightcap: I’ve already gone dahntahn and bought two cases a’ Ahrn, so’s I can go an root fer em Stillers ‘n at.

Tyshawn Sorey: Oh man, hahaha… I love sports, but I’m not a good follower at all… Pittsburgh would pretty much be the team for me, though… the sports I tend to follow more are baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer (whenever i can watch it)…

Matt Pavolka: I’m in Europe, totally tuned out, but I’d have to say Pittsburgh.

Kate McGarry: Neither [the Steelers or the Packers] are teams I have a thing for so I can’t honestly say I’ll be crying in my soup for which ever of them gets pantsed. Keith [Ganz] is a lifelong Dallas fan, so I came to the game through their dismal, sad-assed, star-studded big-baby antics…uh, it’s a love/hate thing.

Adam Kolker: Still hoping the Eagles show up.

Larry Goldings: Is that the game with touchdowns? Thanks, but I am so not a follower of sports. Tennis, maybe. Basketball a bit.

Mike Pride: Packers, dude. But, Pitt is gonna win, unfortunately.

Delfeayo Marsalis: Wouldn’t mind seeing Green Bay win it, but Pittsburgh will win.

John Hebert: Green Bay! You dig. Those cats will be swinging on the turf.

Greg Osby: Sorry, I’m one of those rare heterosexual dudes who finds following and watching televised sports events boring and a waste of time. Crazy, huh? I used to be really into boxing but since the divisions are all fragmented now, that’s no longer any fun either. Actually I do dig women’s track and field and volleyball – for obvious reasons…

Charlie Burnham: Green Bay by 10.

Bill McHenry: This by far is the best Super Bowl in memory to replace the “R”s in the quarterbacks names with “W”s. I’m a Jets fan – died 2 weeks ago – but I’ll watch the game.

Matt Mitchell: Well….my interest tends to dip when the Eagles get eliminated…but I have a “feeling” about the Packers…I think Aaron Rodgers is on the brink of an impressive several-year run, and their defense is good too. Steelers wouldn’t surprise me, though…I’ll say Packers.

Gregg August: Hey man, to be honest once the Jets lost, I lost interest. I’ll be practicing bass on Sunday.

Ben Goldberg: My mother grew up in Milwaukee. That should be enough, but add to it my wish to see rapists (i.e. Mr. Roethlisberger) get their due. Green Bay all the way.

Roy Nathanson: Green Bay – just love that it’s a small town that lives for that crazy team.

Russ Lossing: Pittsburgh!!

Ben Kono: Packers!

Andy Laster: Green Bay, because they are socialists.

Michael Dease: I mostly follow college ball, but between GB and the Steelers, it’s the Steelers for me.

Tomas Fujiwara: Don’t follow football much, but my Boston roots make me a Patriots fan. Haven’t paid much attention since they lost, but seeing as this is a football/jazz post, I’ll go with the Steelers in honor of Pittsburgh’s Fatha, Klook, Mary Lou, Ahmad, Errol, Strayhorn, PC and Tain; some of my favorite musicians in the world! Hey, almost left out my all-pro quarterback!!! Art Blakey!

Rudresh Mahanthappa: FUNNY.  I stopped following football some years ago, though I was a Denver Broncos fan growing up. Put me down for the Denver Gold or the Washington Federals.  Go USFL!

John McNeil: I’m rooting for the Jets.  Long ago, I decided it was more enjoyable to have a “Super Bowl of the Mind.” The teams are always well-matched and there are enough heroics and acrobatic plays to fill several SportsCenters. The SBM is definitely the way to go. Prediction: The Jets by 13, keyed by a last-minute pick-6 by Cromartie. Their opponent, the Malibu Fluffers, will put up a game struggle, but succumb in the end to Rex Ryan’s defense diabolique.


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  2. I was born in Sewickley just outside Pittsburgh, so black and yellow babyyy!

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