Five Best Tweets Of The Last Three Hours on Justin Bieber’s Birthday

The birthday commentary is flying in fast. Well-wishes are mixed with wise cracks. Here are five of the better Justin Bieber birthday tweets from the last few hours. Happy 17, Mr. B. Keep the party simple,now. Don’t come home with sick in your hair like Xtina and her beau. And lock the door if you’re feeling randy in the commode, as well.

@AaronSpringer God Please Can We Make A Deal? Please give us Bob Marley back, You can take Justin #Bieber with you

annetdonahue Anne T. Donahue

Blasting #Bieber like woah. Giving not one single fuck.

@JonahLuck Today is the anniversary of The Rape of the Sabine Women. It’s also Justin #Bieber ‘s birthday. I’m not sure which is the bigger tragedy.

@Khamenei4ever #happy17thbdaybiebs Justin Drew #Bieber omg omg omg omg just learned his middle name is drew. Omg omg omg omg.

@timPwaterhouse I wanna see #Bieber fucked up in tomorrow’s paper. Falling out of a club, Blonde under one arm, Brunette under the other, Sick in his hair

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