Spring of Two Cecils: “Mutation Is Everything”

Destination Out had me cranking the Feel Trio the other day. Felt great. And for some reason I had the itch to roll through One Too Many Salty Swift And Not Goodbye over the weekend as well. Today, I think I’ll return to Spring of Two Blue-Js, and maybe bask in its birth for a sec.

Here’s birthday boy CT speaking with John Schaefer about Bird’s “Embracable You,” Monk’s clusters, and, of course, dear old mom.  After four decades, he’s found a way to craft the rush of dissonance into a ritual exercise built on his signature abstractions and personalized poetics. Here he is defining art.

What are the five key Cecil discs? Hmmm, might have to post on that tomorrow.

2 responses to “Spring of Two Cecils: “Mutation Is Everything”

  1. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for posting this Cecil Taylor piece! As a pianist, I enjoy how this video captures his stunning technique. Did you ever come up with your five key Cecil discs?

  2. thanks for the note, rory. got sidetracked off of the Cecil Five. but i’d like to follow through by the weekend. You want to throw yr five into the ring?

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