“We Occupy The Same Cage, That’s All…”

Quite a run for Lady Liz. R.I.P.

“So, anyway, I married the SOB…a great, big, fat flop.” Love the faces on Segal and Dennis when Liz reaches the peak of her pique.

And I wouldn’t call her a singer, but she sure knows the power of tempo…

Please don’t forget her rather groundbreaking AIDS work.

I, Jukebox

Bill Frisell, Sign of Life (Savoy)

ICP Orchestra (ICP)

Craig Taborn, Avenging Angel (ECM)

Steve Tibbetts, Acoustitibbetts, Elektrotibbetts, Exototibbetts (Frammis)

The Beautiful South, Choke (Elektra)

Dave Douglas, United Front: Brass Ecstacy At Newport (Greenleaf)

Herbie Nichols, Love, Gloom, Cash, Love (Bethlehem)

Konitz, Mehldau, Haden, Motian, Live At Birdland (ECM)

Jen Chapin, Five Songs (Papillon)


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