Move In Next Door, Or Marry My Daughter: The 10 Funniest Bob Dylan Songs

“When we’re sitting around at home we like to listen to the wild-ass stuff,” Marshall Crenshaw once told me, “like ‘Motorpsycho Nightmare’ and ‘Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat’ and ‘Million Dollar Bash,’ the humorous stuff with the crazy imagery and jokes – those are the ones I love best.” 

Here are ten that bring laffs to the table. 

1. I Shall Be Free – “I had to sit in the back of the tub.” 

2. Bob Dylan’s Blues – “Watch out so you don’t step on me.” 

3. Motorpsycho Nightware – “There stood Rita looking just like Tony Perkins.” 

4. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – “He said, ‘You’re not Him.” 

5. I Shall Be Free No. 10 – “I wouldn’t let him do it for all the farms in Cuba.” 

6. Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat – “You forgot to close the garage door.” 

7. Clothes Line Saga – “Then my neighbor, he blew his nose.” 

8. Please, Mrs Henry – “If I walk too much farther, my crane’s gonna leak”

9. Quinn, the Eskimo – “A cat’s meow and a cow’s moo, I can recite them all.” 

10. Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues – “That ol’ Betsy Ross.” 


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