JoMo On The Cut

“We’re dealing with formulated abstraction rendered in a way that is, hopefully, palatable to anybody. At least over time. And it’s proven itself to be true, because if you listen to Louis Armstrong – man, anybody can like that. Little kids can listen to that. You listen to Monk now – my grandmother would like that. Coltrane – who wouldn’t like that? You can sit there drinking white wine, listening to Coltrane, and be mellow. Over time these things age. They’re completely normal, they’re part of nature. Given the course of time, it all makes sense. And I think some other stuff that’s more critically-based style-mongering – that stuff rots in a heartbeat and just sits on a shelf. People listen to bad rock and roll from the ’80s with a sense of nostalgia but it doesn’t elevate you. It’s nostalgia.” – Joe Morris speaking with Ken Vandermark 

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