Levon Helm’s Top 10 Vocal PHRASES

Survived Arkansas, survived the road, survived cancer. Today’s his birthday. Keep a going, Levon Helm. Here are some perfectly phrased snips of tunes that never leave your head once they’ve entered. 

1. “It just old Luke, and Luke’s waiting on the judgement day.” – The Weight

2. “The bourbon is 100 proof.” – Rag Mama Rag

3. “And before the leaves all turn brown, before they tumble to the ground…” – All La Glory 

4. “So to his father Daniel did run, and he said ‘Oh father what have I done?” – Daniel & the Sacred Harp 

5. “If I were a barker in a girly show, tell you what I’d do…” – Jemima Surrender

6. “And like my brother above me, who took a rebel stand.” – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 

7. “Everybody says you oughta marry that rich man down the line.” – Strawberry Wine

8. “Was it something that somebody said? Mama I know we broke the rules.” – Ophelia 

9. “Oh those mighty kings of the jungle, I can hardly stand to see ‘em.” – When I Paint My Masterpiece

10. “Pick a card before you go, it’s a long trip to Mexico.” – Yazoo Street Scandal

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