Which Monk Tune Is Most Fun To Play?

Glee spilled from Anthony Coleman’s fingers last night as he and his trio skipped around “Played Twice” the Undead Jazz Fest’s Littlefield hit. Terry Adams once told me that it’s silly to play anything that’s not fun. Marc Ribot recently told me that “fun is the only impulse I trust.” Elliott Sharp and Matt Wilson also had a blast bouncing through the master’s book. Which Thelonious tune brings out the giddy side of you? The question isn’t for musicians only. Record-spinning fans can answer, too. One of mine is “Coming On the Hudson.” Take it away…


Here’s “Played Twice” – Team Coleman played it much quicker.

3 responses to “Which Monk Tune Is Most Fun To Play?

  1. We See does it for me! I sing it a lot (I sang it last night in duo w/Ken Filiano) and I wrote lyrics to it as well that start “We see a litte ghost flying through our house at night…”

    I always feel childlike and giddy singing it!

  2. thanks Fay! Yep, it’s a fun one. you could hear the melody line as a Matt Wilson played it solo last night.

  3. I love to play “Nutty”. But really, most of Monk’s tunes are fun. That’s what made him such a compelling and enduring composer.

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