Sunday Sex, Coke Regret, and Brit Excitement: Top Ten Revelations from Lady Gaga’s Visit to Howard Stern’s Show

After being tweetly berated by Bette Midler over the lack of originality in her Wheelchair Mermaid shtick, Lady Gaga dropped into Howard Stern’s radio show on Monday, and let loose with a big dollop of candor. The king of all media and second banana Robin Quivers peppered the superstar with questions typical of the Sirius show, and because she left her poker face in the corner, we learned quite a bit about pop’s Mommy Monster. Here are 1o things  that bubbled up during the conversation.

1. Her childhood piano teacher was a stripper from Scores (who had long fingernails).

2. Her Brooklyn apartment is smaller than Stern’s studio.

3. She was “for sure” addicted to coke at one point.

4. As a child, she was confused about why a rock band (Pink Floyd) would put the sound of a cash register in a song.

5. She got laid Sunday night.

6. The amount of honesty that goes into one of her albums is parallel to spreading her legs apart, taking a photo of her vagina, and putting it on the Internet.

7. She thought she was lonely and something about drugs made her think she had a friend. She regrets every line of cocaine she ever did.

8. She was thrilled when Britney Spears recorded (but didn’t release) her “Telephone.”

9. She says that “not everything in her brain is cool.”

10. She was a “late bloomer,” and didn’t have sex until she was 17 years old. And her first experience “wasn’t great.”

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