It Takes Two: TIN/BAG Build Brooklyn Bridges

I’ve been taken with some engaging duets of late. Loren Stillman’s work with Ryan Ferreira under the name Elderflower is some enchanting stuff. So, too, are Mike Baggetta’s exchanges with Kris Tiner in TIN/BAG. The pair have been sharing their art for years now, and the rapport is obvious. Check their glide through Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman.”

This trumpet/guitar duet is just as stark as you might imagine, but time and again on the new Bridges they make small gestures extend their impact.  Brass player Tiner uses mutes to amend his sound and string man Baggetta employs a variety of picking techniques to assure his sonic breadth. But the charm comes from the allure of a poetic sensibility. There’s lots of open space to digest the last smoky phrase or a recent exclamation point. They play at the Brooklyn Conservatory tonight at 8 pm.

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