Otis On Top, Other Great Collabos Below

Here’s Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s “Otis,” a seismic thwack of old school boasting in a modern get-up (albeit one that tries to provide a little tenderness with a steamy sample by the esteemed Mr. Redding). Speaking of old school, Jay & Ye aren’t the first dudes to form a great hip-hop duo. Which of these other key partnerships is your favorite? More reviews/info about Watch the Throne below. 

Still trying to feel your way around Watch The Throne? It’s on iTunes now, and officially drops in physical form on Friday. Here’s a wrap-up of intel regarding the summer superstar throwdown.

Stream Watch The Throne

Ten Great “Otis” Freestyles (Village Voice)

Who’s More Materialistic?

Tom Breihan (Pitchfork)

Five Best Rhymes on “Otis”

Rolling Stone 

Victory Light 


10 Trends that WTT Might Start

Oliver Wang (NPR)

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