Matt & Kim, Souljah Boy, Andrew WK: All Goners

I had a phone chat with Andrew WK scheduled a few weeks ago. He called to say that he couldn’t speak at the agreed-upon time, that he’d been shanghai’d by Matt & Kim and Souljah Boy to make a new video for the just-released track “I’m A Goner.” It’s part of a campaign for the Converse brand. He phoned again the next day and explained all the respect he has for his colleagues.

“I’m as excited about it as I am about anything,” WK said with his signature animation. “Matt & Kim are great, we toured in Australia together, and we’ve been friendly for the last two years. We have a great vibe. Souljah Boy, I mean, there was a time when I experimented with a process of manifestation where people would ask, ‘If you could work with anybody, who would it be?,’ and I started taking that seriously. I’d see something similar with other artists, where they’d mention a possible collaborator and the collaboration would ultimately take place – maybe because of the interview itself. So I used that opportunity to manifest these ideas, and started saying ‘Souljah Boy.’  Why? Amazing voice, incredible performer, inspiring person and I love love love his music. I never really thought it would happen. I didn’t know how it would ever make sense. But it doesn’t always need to make sense. Here you go, another dream come true.  [“I’m a Goner”] is a song that everyone is kind of writing together, a really fresh thing. ”

The video, allegedly shot in a dilapidated Jersey hospital, finds the crew doing some boarding. It premieres on MTV2 on August 21 at 1:30 pm EST.


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