Missing Aaliyah: Ten Years Without the R&B Star

I remember getting the call when the news of Aaliyah’s death started to trickle out. I was the Managing Editor of VH1.com, and also on vacation. “How soon can we have something,” queried my boss. “Soon, soon, on it,” was the reply. Luckily the MTVN library was rich with content regarding the R&B superstar. We were up and rolling in an hour or so, and fan response figure heavily into the action. People were devastated.

In the blink of an eye it’s a decade later, and the love for Aaliyah is still overwhelming. Memorial pieces about the singer’s talent, glamour, and sensuality have overtaken the Web today, and #Rock the Boat is even trending on Twitter. Need a primer on an R&B icon? Here’s a quick wrap-up of items – essays, reviews, photo galleries – that have hit the music sites.

Check all of Aalyiah’s videos at VEVO. 

As big a loss as Biggie and 2Pac?

Dream Hampton’s review of One In a Million.

MTV’s Diary episode on Aaliyah.

Rolling Stone Overview: Friends, Family, Career

Aaliyah, fashion icon.

10 Songs Aaliyah would have been good on. 

Hip-hop Lady Di

Aaliyah’s top Billboard hits. 

Vibe cover story 2001


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