Three Song Set: Neko Case

One friend is addicted to Neko Case’s “This Tornado Loves You,” a song about a storm system pining for its true love and rampaging through trailer parks out of frustration. Even destructive funnels of wind have big hearts in Case’s world. The song kicks off the sumptuous Middle Cyclone (Anti-), a terrific spotlight for the singer’s soaring alto. Case’s imagery is fetching. Magpies drop marbles from the sky to remind us of carpe diem’s power. Mother Nature gets belligerent, messing with those who mess with it. Some tracks offer Big Star echoes, others Gordon Lightfoot poignancy. Warnings crop up again and again, but they’re offered in radiant glow. “I’m a man-eater,” she declares proudly to her prey, “But you’re surprised when I eat ya.” The 30-minute soundscape of frogs and peepers that closes the disc is the only chunk of true calm. All this makes Case more than a tad enigmatic. Another pal recently told me that they’d never heard even Lady Case’s music. That seems sad. Here are three pieces by the birthday girl that everyone with eyes and ears should embrace.

The Times Magazine portrait remains one of the most descriptive. 

One response to “Three Song Set: Neko Case

  1. Paul Rigby is Neko’s secret weapon. Amazing guitar player.

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