JoMo @ The Stone This Week

Find and develop simpatico colleagues, nurture newcomers who have skills and interest, reach for the kind of rich collective interaction that keeps transcendence in its sights – Joe Morris has been working on his eloquence quotient for decades now, and his singular music seems more articulate than ever. The intrepid string player takes over the Stone this week, and the members of his always-expanding cohort should help him tip the scales towards some terrifically imaginative abstraction.

The instrumentation of the week is diverse – cello, trombone, trumpet, piano, clarinet, flute, vibes, sax, drums, bass, and all those sounds Ikue Mori makes with her keybs. Each night it’s a different configuration, but as From The Discrete To The Particular (Relative Pitch) reminds, Morris has a deep rapport with two longstanding associates, Agusti Fernandez and Nate Wooley. I’m kind of looking forward to the denouement, the Sunday night septet grouping that pairs him with Ingrid Laubrock and others.

You know that Morris the NEC teacher has written a gripping book on improv, right?

He’s part of JC Rodea and Gerald Cleaver’s Azares ensemble tomorrow at the Red Hook Jazz Festival, too.   More Red Hook…


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