Vision Festival  @ Roulette  June 11 – 15    

The breadth of free improv never fails to amaze at the annual Vision Festival, which touts a vibe of committed inquiry in the name of experimental music. This time around veteran multi-instrumentalist Charles Gayle is celebrated, performing his oft-stormy excursions with a dancer and leading a tentet of horns, strings and rhythm. Another veteran, Peter Brötzmann, rocks his amazingly agile and purposefully manic trio this year as well. But the five-night affair makes plenty of room from younger players who refine the avant lingo and broker new sounds – don’t miss guitarist Mary Halvorson connecting with steel guitarist Susan Alcorn. From Tarbaby‘s tense freebop to Angelica Sanchez & Omar Tamez’s dreamy duets, the landscape will be in flux. A gig I’m hoping to catch is Matthew Shipp’s Trio with Michael Bisio and Whit Dickey; their Root Of Things (Relative Pitch) is one of the pianist’s most seductive and eloquent trio records ever.  Personal pick hit: the voice/percussion confluence of Fay Victor and Tyshawn Sorey.

Vision Festival  2014   Roulette, 509 Atlantic Avenue   Brooklyn  $30  7 pm and various times  718-209-8242

Village Voice


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