Tim Berne’s Decay @ Red Hook Jazz Fest



Sometimes it all comes together. Decay is a newish band for Tim Berne, who’s peaking these days with his acclaimed Snakeoil ensemble. On paper they’re still sorting out roles, absorbing the obvious intricacies of the book that Berne has written, and tinkering with the crucial chemistry that brings a natural feel to any group. Closing the Red Hook Jazz Festival yesterday, the quartet – bassist Mike Formanek, drummer Ches Smith, and guitarist Ryan Ferreira  join the lanky leader – didn’t have to worry about rapport; their chemistry was kicking in big-time. Veteran Berne-o-philes know that the saxophonist-composer’s themes often start off coiled tight. The pleasures arrive in listening to his outfits unfurl the pieces together. In a patch of green by the side of the East River, Decay’s process made all the sense in the world. There’s was a touch of swing polishing the fractious rhythms, and it generated gracefulness in other quarters. Ferreria and the boss made cat and mouse moves, but everything landed spot-on. Formanek, who knows Berne’s MO from decades of work together, made the music rich with texture – each push forward from his strings felt like you were being nudged by a cushion. The end result was alignment. For an hour, in the hot sun, they made their own breeze, full of provocative ideas and old fashioned teamwork. Never doubt the power of unity.

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