Kris Davis Residency @ the Stone 24-29

One of the modern Brooklyn jazz scene’s most inventive ensemble players, the pianist can be startling in a broad array of contexts. That means there should be numerous surprises at this six-night residency, a stretch of gigs that finds Davis trading ideas with a cohort of intrepid associates who, in the large, are terrifically eloquent with abstraction. From Tom Rainey’s Obbligato outfit’s inside-out standards to Davis’ Capricorn Climber quintet with Mat Maneri’s viola generating a chamber feel to her Death Rattle trio with guitarist Mary Halvorson and saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, it’s likely aggression will be poised and subtleties well honed. And if the recent Massive Threads is any indication, her solo piano night might be the most enticing gig of all.
The Stone, Ave C + 2nd Street. 8 pm + 10 pm, $15 

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