Kisses For Stephanie Stone – Friday

There are jazz fans and then there are jazz fans. The Stones – he Irving, she Stephanie – were the latter. Double italics, quadruple exclamation points, rain or shine, bub. Together the husband and wife team became New York famous by being present at a mind-boggling number of shows during the last 40-plus years (their first date was a Sonny Rollins gig). From Studio Rivbea to the original Knit to good old Tonic they were all-too-often the only customers that left-leaning improvisers could count on when it was time to put asses in the seats. Stone (the only name Irving answered to) passed a decade ago. John Zorn named his thriving bastion of experimentation on the lower east side after him. Stephanie followed him on April 10 of this year, and plans for a multi-artist farewell began formulating immediately. The 93-year-old Borough Park native was a peach – as well as a one-time singer pianist who was coaxed back into performing a bit by several of the jazz artists she not only befriended but nurtured in various ways. At the Stephanie Stone Memorial, a ginormous array of them – Feldman, Courvoisier, Ribot, Shipp, Eskelin, Gosfield, Whitehead, McPhee, Parker, Douglas, Berne, Halvorson, Bernstein, Dalachinsky and lots, lots more – hits Roulette to give thanks, swap stories, and play for their pal one final time.

Roulette, Friday, June 27, 2014 @ 6:00 pm  509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Village Voice


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