Andrew Drury’s Content Provider @ Roulette 2/17

Sometimes ruckus carries the day. It certainly juices the action on percussionist Drury‘s mildly ornery and occasionally overwhelming new album, Content Provider. Using everything from trance motifs to prog patterns, the drummer drives his two-sax and guitar outfit into frenzied elation. Reed players Ingrid Laubrock and Briggan Krauss lock horns with a nail-biting fervor and Brandon Seabrook’s six-string hubbub sparks all sorts of explosions. This is a visceral bunch, and their instinctual chemistry should be obvious on stage. The gig will also feature a set of solo floor tom pieces (divorced from the instrument’s trad sound to say the least) from Drury‘s other new disc, The Drum, as well as a visit by special guests.


Village Voice 

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