Red Hook Jazz Festival On Sunday!

Concert-goers know context counts – it always helps if the room is right for the music. The Red Hook Jazz Festival takes place in an urban meadow lined with flora and fauna, perfectly situated to catch the breezes blowing off Buttermilk Channel while improvisers fill the air with expressionistic art. From groovers to freedom flyers this year’s successive-Sundays affair milks the local scene for diversity. On June 14 the dreamy delirium of guitarist Ben Monder, the bold nu-bop of pianist Alon Nechushtan, and the architectural abstractions of Trio X & Rosi Hertlein (as well as trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah and violinist Jason Kao Hwang) whisk you to the nearest faraway place. On the 21, organist Brian Charette leaps into high-flying funk-swing, guitarist Rez Abbasi plugs in for some seismic jazz-rock, and the Brooklyn Qawwali Party rocks its frenzied spin on Sufi devotional music until its good foot is calling all the shots. (Guitarist Kenny Wessel and saxophonist Eric Person are also on the bill.) This is the eighth year of this feisty little affair at this super cozy spot – always a good hang. One bit of advice: don’t forget the hat and sun block.

Urban Meadow, President & Van Brunt, BK

1 pm $10

Village Voice 


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