Because Brooklyn

Because Brooklyn

All sorts of jazz blows around Brooklyn on any given night, but there’s always a bit more buzz in the air when a curatorial team corrals a scad of artists for a formalized gathering. The BRIC JazzFest is a six-night conglom slated to become an annual event, and it’s startin’ out strong. Ron Carter’s Golden Striker Trio applies its patented finesse to originals and also animates readings from Danny Simmons’ *The Brown Beatnik Tomes.* Battle Trance drops their four-sax web of drones and squalls. And lots of outfits demonstrate the music’s current breadth during the two-evening marathon series. Piano trio Dawn of Midi’s impossible pulse gambits and saxophonist Kamasi Washington’s roiling dramas are enticing on the 15th. Marcus Strickland’s hip-hop/swing confluence and the explosive abstractions of Thumbscrew are musts the final night. That’s just the tip of you know what. Ever-thirsty improv fans need to be heading to Fort Greene with quickness.

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