ROVA Residency at The Stone This Week

Diversity has been part of the West Coast horn squad’s agenda for a long time, and as this 12-show guest-riddled residency assures, each new arrival (several are old pals) will change the foursome’s core sound in significant ways. John Zorn brings his alto, Nels Cline his guitar, and handful of others augment the action with electronics and percussion. The two-drummer show of Tom Rainey and Michael Sarin is particularly enticing, and there are several times when the group will reveal its clout sans invitees, proving the provocative eloquence of nuggets from the ROVA book, interpreting scores by Tim Berne, Steve Lacy and Alvin Curran, and rocking a set of spontaneous improvs. They’ll even double their reed ranks with NYC sax players in “Figure 8.” Given the intimacy of the space, it just might devastate.

The Stone, January 19-24 

Village Voice

They scalded Le Poisson Rouge last Sunday with their Electric Ascension performance, and a live version as well as group portrait entitled “Cleaning The Mirror” has just hit on Rogue Arts.


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