Craig Taborn Residency – The Stone, 26-31


If you need a lesson in versatility, this is the week to hang at John Zorn’s Loisaida improv box. The pianist is a man of multiple perspectives, amending his approach as context – solo, duo or ensemble – dictates. His work often boasts a steely logic that can be contoured to fit the myriad situations he designs for himself. As the Stone’s revolving door turns, that will include a delicate tête–à–tête with guitarist Diego Barber (2014’s Tales was a delight), a romp with Farmers By Nature (featuring the mighty rhythm section of William Parker and Gerald Cleaver), and a solo stroll through Zorn’s Bagatelles book (Taborn is a monster alone at the keyboard). Advice: don’t sleep on the “electronics” night – the confab debut of Ches Smith, Matt Mitchell and Mat Maneri should fry a few minds.

The Stone 

Village Voice


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