The Ecstatic Music Festival is Starting

Some kinships aren’t clear until insightful curators connect the dots. Are there parallels between the splatter patterns of Tigue and the heavenly pummel of Man Forever? What about Yo La Tengo’s swirling fuzz and Alvin Lucier’s drones? We’ll soon find out. The Ecstatic Music Festival has been uniting various musical camps for the last five years, and the nine concerts of the 2016 edition seems poised to offer another handful of revelations. Composer-organizer Judd Greenstein has been sage in his choices this time ‘round. The experimental-classical nexus is widened to include hook-ups between Pharoahe Monch and the PitchBlak Brass Band, as well as a Lee Renaldo/Dither throw down. Largely helmed at the Kaufman Center, the shows should sate beauty addicts particularly fond of pomo POVs. Bet several of that ilk can’t wait for the ghostly allure that will be rendered when Rachel Grimes connects with LONGLEASH to celebrate the forever sublime ‘Music For Egon Schiele.’

Jan 29 – March 19

New Amsterdam Records


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