Newport Jazz Fest Countdown: Chick Corea’s Trio

God is in the details. Need proof? Chick Corea’s trio with Christian McBride and Brian Blade. The veteran pianist gets more and more eloquent as the years roll by, and his connection with this potent rhythm section gooses the articulation even further. If you’ve caught them on stage previously, or spent time with the very convincing Triology (Concord Jazz), you likely know that agility is their forte and invention their North Star. From Joe Henderson’s “Recorda Me” to Thelonious Monk’s “Work,” those details stack up nicely. Drummer Blade, arguably the most skilled on a jazz bandstand these days, and bassist McBride, whose pinpoint decisions can be jaw-dropping, are all about unity. When they melt into the leader’s robust solos, they bring a series of profound subtleties to the table. They play Friday night and Saturday day at Newport. If the sound on the Fort Stage is as good as their art demands, the power of nuance will send goose pimples through the crowd

Newport Jazz Fest 2016


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