Newport Jazz Fest Countdown: Eric Revis’ Parallax

For a decade or so, when Eric Revis was largely perceived as the bassist in Branford Marsalis’ Quartet, he was often cited for the agility he brought to the cohort’s brawny rambles. Instrumentally, Revis has long been a pivot expert – nudging the group action in a variety of directions with an unexpected harmonic gambit or surprising tempo shift. Though he’s still part of the saxophonist’s feisty squad, for the last several years he’s earned a larger profile as a bandleader himself, and it’s been just as terrific to see him clock the acclaim as it has to absorb his creative music. 2012’s Parallax (Clean Feed) connected him with the titanic presence of multi-reedist Ken Vandermark and brokered a limber spin on aggression (check the hard-driving “Split” for an example of gripping forward motion). As the action spilled forth, they continuously redefined the definition of freebop. Revis’ Newport show features pianist Kris Davis and drummer Jeff Parker, and their commitment to chemistry should energize the ballads, too. The attention they give to the more hushed moments usually results in a formidable pay off. Special request: “I’m Going To Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.”

Thursday at the Jazz Gallery

Newport Jazz Fest 2016


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