Fave Music Video of 2016

Feeling alone, feeling separated, feeling like it’s impossible to fit in even though you gave it your best shot – it all comes to head in this fuzz guitar opus from Mitski’s ‘Puberty 2’ album. It’s a song with a deeply forlorn vocal to match its wounded lyrics of tried-and-failed romance, a reportedly true tale from Ms. Miyawaki’s life. A relationship blossoms but never reaches its peak, subsiding due to cultural differences between the Brooklyn-based Japanese native and a former lover. Director Zia Anger amplifies the ache by capturing the singer waving goodbye to her beau, and watching him make out with another woman – a gleaming couple so wholly Americanized that they look like they’re cut from a 4th of July GAP ad. As they dry hump wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, Mitski caresses herself, passionately tongues her own hand, and grabs that guitar to blast away the confusion. When the dust settles, our alleged melting pot has been stirred a bit, and a lesson arises: planting a flag for your sense of self is usually worth the pain it creates.

Vevo staffers chose and wrote about their fave vids of the year. Lots of strong choices. Read and watch.


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