George Garzone at Cornelia Street Cafe

It’s a long walk between skronk and smooch, but versatility goes wherever George Garzone goes, and for decades the Beantown saxophonist has reiterated just how broad a language jazz can be. With his iconic trio The Fringe he moves from molten roar to feathered abstraction. When he turns to the indefatigable bop lingo, eloquence goes head to head with intricacy. At 66, the cagey horn player and beloved educator doesn’t make it down Route 95 as often as some NYC jazz fans would like. So this two-night stint by his Boston Collective is a mini event that’s sure to shoot sparks in myriad directions. Phil Grenadier’s trumpet shares the front line, and the rhythm section of bassist John Lockwood and drummer Luther Gray is dedicated to the art of pliability.

May 5-6

Cornelia Street Cafe

Village Voice




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