John Scofield Retrospective at Lincoln Center

There’s a lot of zig-zag in John Scofield’s career. The revered jazz guitarist started in the ‘70s with intricate nu-bop for trio (Steve Swallow and Adam Nussbaum, y’all), and by the turn of the century was bear-hugged by the jam band crowd for the wily lines he threaded through deep grooves. A catholic perspective to say the least. Which is why Jazz at Lincoln Center’s yin-yang shows, ‘Retrospective: Quiet and Loud Jazz’ make sense. In ’87 Scofield led a beast of a quartet on his ‘Blue Matter’ album – aggression was front and center; waxing fierce was a mandate. A decade later he put on his Gil Evans pajamas and gave us ‘Quiet,’ a genteel reverie for a mid-sized brass and woodwinds ensemble that remains rewardingly lustrous to this day. Both get a buff job when the 65-year-old bandleader reinvestigates their opposing moods with discrete squads who know the deets of each aesthetic. Secret weapon: Joe Lovano.

May 5-6

Village Voice

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