We Resist – Harriet Tubman & James Brandon Lewis

America’s playing field hasn’t been level since Middle Passage and the auction block, but the 2017 version of racial equality and social justice has become more surreal than ever, no? And unsustainable. Le Poisson Rouge’s We Resist series puts jazz improvisers on point to drop their political POVs along with their musical ideas – often, they go hand in hand. This month’s show uses guitars as a bulwark against deceit. The roiling action of Harriet Tubman’s new ‘Araminta’ album sounds like it could turn things around with a single power chord. The trio, with Brandon Ross’s strings up front, tilts towards a mix of Jimi’s Gypsies and Vesuvius erupting. The James Brandon Lewis trio, one of the most combustible tenor sax outfits in action right now, hashtags #punkrock and #energy when they’re Gramming, and best of all live up to the insurgence those terms conjure. Special guest Anthony Pirog joins them to throw in some reliably keen guitar notions. Proceeds go to the artists’ fave charities.

Village Voice

Le Poisson Rouge


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