Dave Douglas & Riverside – Friday + Saturday

The band Riverside invented itself to celebrate the music of Jimmy Giuffre, a wily composer who did things with small ensembles that others weren’t doing. You know, an innovator. But trumpeter Dave Douglas, bassist Steve Swallow, and the Doxas brothers Chet (reeds) and Jim (drums) have moved on. Now they’re saluting Carla Bley, who Giuffre covered and Swallow lives with. She’s a wily composer who has done things with large ensembles that others haven’t done. You know, a marvel. The group illustrates its agility while delighting us with whimsy on The New National Anthem, which bundles three Bley jewels and unpacks a handful of originals that walk in her shadow. Freebop started somewhere, and as the foursome puts its improv expertise in gear at this two-night stint, its coordinates may be revealed.

Greenleaf Records + Riverside Show

The New School 

June 30 – July 1

Village Voice CHOICES


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