Newport Jazz Fest 2017 – Marilyn Crispell


The pianist’s somewhat recent duet records with drummer Gerry Hemingway on the Intakt label remind just how formidable and thorny her excursions can be, but as the years pass, it’s a blend of grace and eloquence that makes Crispell’s work more and more attractive. Dynamics are her forte; she’s able to seduce by having the instrument’s full spectrum of sound land in your lap. By tapping the brakes on her frenetics of late, she’s made her poetic side that much more obvious. 2013’s Azure (ECM), with bassist Gary Peacock, had a broader emotional breadth, and a slightly sentimental feel. The 70-year-old master’s solo show in Fort Adams’ cozy Storyville room will be a portrait of intimacy. Working alone is a performance context that suits her. The 17 melodic fragments on her Vignettes (ECM) recital from a decade ago salute the power of pith, each richly rendered piece offering enough emotion to make it seem like an expedition. Hope she lands on Coltrane for a moment or two.

Newport Jazz Festival 2017 Schedule  / Aug 4 – 6


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