Bill Frisell Solo – The Stone Residency

He helms a handful of bands, and boasts a keen sense of interplay that’s no doubt prompted by the joy of working with others. But Bill Frisell digs playing all by his lonesome too, and this stretch of solo shows is sure to capture the love of melody that drives much of his work. From “Nowhere Man” to “Surfer Girl” to “A Change Is Gonna Come” to “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” the guitarist is a sentimental boomer who brings lots of emotion to a songbook that he grew up on. But the glistening filigree at the heart of his approach, along with the meaty extrapolations that are the essence of his improvising, will make these interpretations more than valentines to yesteryear. And of course, this introspective mode may open the door to some ruminative abstraction – a Frisell forte that should never be discounted.

August 8-13

8:30 pm

The Stone



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