Broken Shadows Salute Team Ornette at Jazz Standard

They know each other, so the chemistry is cool. They know the music, so the connection is deep. They’ve been cranking their inspired repertory program for a minute now, so all the tumblers are aligned. The last time I saw Broken Shadows (Dave King, Chris Speed, Reid Anderson, Tim Berne) addressing their book of pieces culled from lengthy visits to Ornetteworld (time well-spent on the Dewey tilt-a-whirl and long glides through Charlie’s tunnel of love), the music’s glee and mystery were delivered in equal doses. Let’s see…the heartbreak that OC wrote into their signature piece and the way the bloodcount buds twirled around each other while rendering it; the sustained buoyancy of the rhythm section and the way they conjured the act of floating (raise the bandstand, indeed) – lots of vivid images remain from a recent Brooklyn gig. Their two-night stand at the Jazz Standard will put their skills up front, but bring a larger lesson to the fore as well: building a book of these nuggets is an action of preservation and pride, a chance to tout the rigors of a wildly entertaining canon that could use a bit more sunlight than it usually gets, no matter how much lip service is given to the masters who birthed it. Special treat? The band’s jaunt through Julius Hemphill’s “Body,” from Flat-Out Jump Suite (Black Saint). Ornette’s Fort Worth homie is a Berne touchstone, and the easy-going squall of the quartet’s update reminds that the blues always has a physical side. Ear of the behearer, right?

Jazz Standard

116 E 27th Street

Shows at 7:30 + 9:30

(212) 576-2232



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