Almost Forgot: Michael Leonhart Orchestra Rockin GZA and ODB

A lot of music flies by each anum, and the ever-wise Tom Moon just posted about a fun record he neglected to mention in year-end citations, like this list i made. That reminded me that I had one, too. Michael Leonhart Orchestra’s ‘Suite Extracts, Vol 1’ is a blast, and not just because it allows Spinal Tap to spill into Ornette (shades of those glorious Either/Orchestra pair-ups from years gone by). Spent a fun afternoon in the car this summer, blasting it and loving the group’s spin on GZA’s “Liquid Swords.” Prob best if you give it a spin. Even better if you catch Team Leonhart at the Jazz Standard on January 14/15. On Tuesday, they address their Brazilian Suite with Anat Cohen as a special guest, and on Wednesday it’s Tain Watts as guest drummer and Michael Blake on reeds. Saw them roar through a few pieces last Sunday at Rizzoli in NYC, and when he got the audience singing along on an Arto/Vinicius jewel, everyone in the room lifted off. See what happens during this Jazz Standard run. 

Jazz Standard

Sunnyside Records

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