Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz and Sara Schoenbeck in Beacon TONIGHT

You can feel it when an artist reconfigures the emotional coordinates of a room. The music is so singular, so seductive it lures you to a spot where there’s no turning back – you’re on their wavelength, your own having faded into a mist. That’s what was happening at Roulette on Thursday. A set of duets by Wayne Horvitz & Sarah Schoenbeck followed by a solo performance by Robin Holcomb became one of those “casts its spell” scenarios I’m trying to describe. Nuance, poise, mischief, composure, eccentricity, vision – they were all in the air as a hush dominated the Brooklyn venue. The piano/bassoon duets, which I fell for a couple years ago, were splendid. But it was Holcomb’s live take of her new One Way Or Another songs that was so bewitching. Her quaint approach to voicing her tunes (which Jason Hwang wisely called “piano pulsations driven by instincts, not convention”), her speak-sing vocals, and her lyrical poesy aligned to create a world of their own. For scope, she drops in Doc Pomus, Stephen Foster, and Randy Newman, and leads them down her garden path. Their short tour takes them to Beacon, New York tonight. Lucky folks up there.

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