Far Flung Folk, WRIU, November 23

Suni Paz, EE Cummings, Antonio Barros, Ashley McBryde, Jimmy Martin, Liza Constable, Arthur Russell, Delmore Brothers, Jesse Fuller, Miranda Lambert, Luiz Conzaga, El Rego, Wilmoth Houdini, Johnny Paycheck, Joan Shelly, ET Mensa, a fair dash of forro, a goodbye to Gal Costa, a 30-minute set dedicated to trains, and a nod to Peter Dante’s hard and fruitful work on RIU during the last four decades.

Art Neville  /  Arabian Love Call

Gal Costa  /  Pais Tropical    

Johnny Paycheck   / Georgia in a Jug 

El Rego  /   Kpon Fi La

Scratch Perry + The Upsetters  /  Curly Dub


Jimmy Martin   /   Hold What You Got

Gal Costa  /  Milho Verde    

Usman Achmad    /   Stambul Naturil

Liza Constable   /  In My Girlish Days

Augustus Pablo  /  King Tubby Meet the Rockers Uptown


Thrasher Wonders   /   Moses Smote the Waters 

Gal Costa  /   Presente Cotidian    

Wussy / Soak It Up

Robin Holcomb /  Shining 

Judy Sill  / Down Where The Valleys Are Low  

Scratch Perry  /  Ooh La La Dub


Gal Costa /  Joia 

Miranda Lambert   /  I’m just an old chunk of coal but I’ll be a diamond someday  


Ellen Cohn   /   10 Penny Bit   

AVUA   /  Bentivi

Roger Miller   /   Lou’s Got the Flu

Joan Shelly  / Like the Thunder 

King Tubby Augustus Pablo  /  Each One Dub


Hazel Dickens Alice Gerard   /  won’t you come and sing for me 

Francisco Tepas / Pipil polka    

Tego Calderon   /   Los Mate  

The Chills  /   Doldrums

Mad Professor  /   Forward Into dub       


The New Lost City Ramblers   /  Train 45 

Jesse Fuller  /  Lining Up The Track

Delmore Brothers    Freight Train Boogie  

Elizabeth Cotton  Freight Train

Pop Stoneman  /   Wreck of the Number 9

Taj Mahal  /   Linin’ Track 

NRBQ   /   Electric Train 

Tom T. Hall  /  I Miss a Lot of Trains

Doc Watson  /    Greenville Trestle High

Walt Robinson /  Railroad Bill

Sturgill Simpson  /  Railroad of Sin


EE Cummings  /  Next To, Of Course, God America

Xexeu do Norte   /  Carta de Amor  

Suni Pas   /   The Spotted Bird

Wilmoth Houdini  /   He Had It Coming

Antonio Barros e Ceceu  /  Forro de Xenhenhem

Scientist  / Dubs Culture into a Parallel Universe  

E.T. Mesah and his Tempo Band   /    .


Linton Kwesi Johnson     /   Sonny’s Lettah    

The Heptones   /  Mama Say 

Luiz Gonzaga + Gal Costa  /    Forro No 1

The Maytals   /  Loving Spirit  

King Tubby  /  Take 5  

Mbuti Pygmies   /    Animal Dance Song 

Benjy Davis   /     Gospel Night at the Strip Club

Tom Goux and Jacek Sulanowski    /  Married to a Mermaid   

Angel Dean and Sue Garner  /   Gardeania   

Ashley McBryde   /   Lindeville   

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