Hi. I’m Jim Macnie. This is my blog. It will deal with music quite often. When you glance at a post, don’t be shy to leave your thoughts in the “comments” field. Hit me at jmacnie@gmail.com.

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  1. hi jim i can’t find your email address.

  2. Jim, I used to love your radio show on riu, man I wondered what you have been doing, besides the reviews in db. So glad to find you here, putting out the same good stuff and educating the people! Right On Jim!

  3. Hi Jim — I thought you’d be interest in JazzBoston’s Jazz Week, running from April 23-May 2. The overall schedule is at http://www.jazzboston.org/about/jazzweek2010-events.asp, if you’d like to check it out. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you’d like to know more about it. Thanks.

  4. first record was 2-8-65 my 13th b-day at woolworth 5 & 10 in east g r.i. I’m jimmy reed for 78 cents . my first taste of chitown blues and my introduction to the cut-out bin. everytime i hear honest i do i’m transported. james, what we need is the digital equivilent to the cutout bin 25 cents a download. remember the gems you used to find for a buck.

  5. michael jacobs

    great blog. keep it up. Love the piece on darcy james argue.

  6. Hi Jim – Wonderful blog; it’s always a “must tab” in my browser. Cd you bring back the downtown shot in your header? It just seems to fit [and summer, regrettably, is over].
    Your blog reads, the way jazz is.
    How about an RSS feed?
    Keep up the great work, and thanks.

  7. Hi Jim –

    You probably know this, but this is your RSS feed, for those of us who’d like to follow you in our RSS readers. Tested in Google Reader, and it works:


    Thanks, as always, for your great blog.

  8. nice blog, jim. thanks for taking us out to mopdtk at zebulon. good stuff. ended up getting in to see john popper at brooklyn bowl right after you left.
    come on up for a ramble!!!

  9. OK, Jim, it’s about to be summer! You can bring back the summer shot for your blog home page! And thanks for another season of great reportage…

  10. Steve Cranshaw

    Greetings Jim. So glad I found yer blog. I’ve recently started digitizing well over 100 hours of cassette tapes of ‘Impeach Reagan’, ‘Archimedes Underwear’, ‘Banks Close Pipes Froze and Now I’ve Got a Pimple on My Nose’ and the like. At work I would actually run out to my car, on the hour, to turn over the 2-hour cassette in my little Aiwa radio/recorder. It was/is all worth it. Thanks for all the great jazz and music education over the years.

  11. I remember sitting downstairs at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts listening to Henry Threadgill live and not really getting it. My friend walked over to where I was sitting and said “you have to come over and sit with me–it makes more sense from where I’m sitting”. He was right–I got it.. I’ve trusted his musical advice since then, but I haven’t spoken t him in eons. The last time I saw him was when I took my sixteen year old son to Brooklyn (?) to meet him. I’m surprised that we ever found our way back home. Some day, our paths will cross again.

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